Gather 'Round Candy Cane Children...'s time for some new White Stripes hotness...

The video for "Conquest"

Older Hotness...

"Conquest" Single Info:

Hitting the few remaining record store shelves and iTunes about a week before Christmastime, stocking stuffers anyone?

7″ One (Black Vinyl)

A: Conquest
B: It’s My Fault For Being Famous

7″ Two (White Vinyl)

A: Conquest
B: Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap

7″ Three (Red Vinyl)

A: Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version)
B: Cash Grab Complications On The Matter

Digital Maxi Single (USA Only)

1. Conquest
2. It’s My Fault For Being Famous
3. Cash Grab Complications On The Matter
4. Honey, We Can’t Afford To Look This Cheap
5. Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version)

Each of the 7" singles come with a Mondo Toro trading card representing different legendary matadors from Spain and the U.S. versions come with a poster of some sort...

Also, there was mention of a Special Guest Collaboration for a couple of these songs, turns out, it's Beck.

Even more news involving the Stripes, or at least Jack: He's teaming up with Dylan to do some reworking on an unpublished Hank Williams tune or two...


Holiday Darnell...


For you listening pleasure:

Animal Collective
Whom you can find at their soon to be constructed website with neato video and at their myspace page...


Neon Neon
It's Boom Bip and Gruff, from the the Super Furries, what else do you need?

What, you really don't know the Super Furriy Animals? Shame Shame...Check it! View it in Welsh!

I give you...Darnell.



Vice President "I don't mind being called 'Darth Vader'" Cheney
Courtesy of Mr. Drew Barker and Huffington Post

The Zistafones
My boy Joshua's new band...hailing from the Motor City, get on it...

Check this guy out, they call him...Dwell. He's got the brilliant idea of painted 45's!