Holiday Slacking Off

Holiday's are busy. And Banjo hasn't had the time to put up new Darnell material, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the old! OR, here are some other kick ass shiny bits for you to look at. Art Rats is a project started long long ago with a friend who is even more deadly than Banjo. The title says it all. The other thing started as more of a goof-off and ended up looking awesome! But since it was a goof-off, the blasted thing has yet to be finished.

Art Rats

Some character sketches: Da Vinci, the Impressionist babe rat, Andy Warfrat, the Surrealist, a couple Caesar's...

Unfinished Biz(arre)ness


Watch Out Now!

Banjo warns all scientists to not let the raver kids in on this little secret...


For Real?

New Portishead #1

New Portishead #2

A new album comes out in April, or so it's rumored...