Holiday Demon Rock

Not only was there a celebration of Holiday jams on Monday's broadcast, we also busted a move to Banjo's favorite albums and artists of 2008. But rather than play all those boring and stale and generic holiday rock songs, we decided to go a different direction and embrace something that's slightly more in tune with rock and roll...the devil. So we offered up SIX artists that rocked out for the Prince of Darkness...can you guess who they are? And for the favorites of 2008 we decided to tie-in the Mr. Satan as well by playing at least one cut from Banjo's top 18 albums of the year...why 18 you ask? Well because SIX plus SIX plus SIX equals 18. And of those 18, SIX of them are Banjo's absolute favorites of the year and are lucky enough to have TWO songs each be played, because TWO is that magic number given to Lucifer by indie rock's favorite heathen, Prometheus. And of course, Banjo's favorite album and artist of the year got a special THIRD track played! Hot damn.

Here's the setlist...


Spinal Tap
Christmas With the Devil
This is Spinal Tap

White Denim
Darksided Computer Mouth
Workout Holiday

Cut In The Hill Gang
Soul To Waste

Marnie Stern
This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

No Age
Here Should Be My Home

My Morning Jacket
Evil Urges

Electric Six
Electric Demoms in Love

The Kills
Sour Cherry
Midnight Boom

Man Man
Top Drawer
Rabbit Habbits

Black Mountain
Stormy High
In The Future

Iron Maiden
Run to the Hills
Number of the Beast

Black Keys
I Got Mine
Attack and Release

The Boys Will Love Us

The Kills
Getting Down
Midnight Boom

Nothing Ever Happened

TV on the Radio
Red Dress
Dear Science

Vampire Voltage No. 6
Chemtrails 7"*

White Denim
All You Really Have to Do

The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord
Grande Rock*

L'Orchidee d'Hawai
Nobody Beats Me

Rolling Stones
Dancing With Mr. D.
Goats Head Soup

Black Mountain
Evil Ways
In The Future*

Pearl Jam
Satan's Bed

Put In a Little Gas

Man Man
Big Trouble
Rabbit Habbits*

Black Keys
Psychotic Girl
Attack and Release*

Seasick Steve
St. Louis Slim
I Started Out With Nothing and I Still Got Most of it Left*

Bob Dylan
High Water (For Charlie Patton)
Tell Tale Signs

White Denim
Shake Shake Shake
Workout Holiday

Marnie Stern
Clone Cycle
This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

The Raconteurs
Rich Kid Blues
Consolers of the Lonely

Songs denoted with a * were not played due to a massive power outage in the middle of the show thanks to all the kickass Rock and Roll being played...or something...and by the time the server was back up and running time was not on Banjo's side...perhaps we should have offered up a second virginal sacrifice...


Monday's Rock Rapture

The Set List from Monday's "The Gospel According to Banjo" Rock 'n' Roll Radio Broadcast...


Let There Be Rock
Let There Be Rock

The Black Keys
Remember When (Side B)
Attack & Release

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Now I Got Worry

White Denim
Mess Your Hair Up
Workout Holiday

Art Brut
My Little Brother
Bang Bang Rock & Roll

Iggy and the Stooges
Shake Appeal
Raw Power

the White Stripes
Baby Brother
Icky Thump 7" Single

Radio Birdman
Essential Radiobirdman

I Didn't Come Here to Die
Love Ways EP

John Lennon
Well Well Well
Plastic Ono Band

Heartless Bastards
Done Got Old
Sunday Nights: the Songs of Junior Kimbrough

The Thermals
Here's Your Future
The Body, The Blood, The Machine

My Morning Jacket
Highly Suspicious
Evil Urges

The Beach
Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?

Simple Kid
Mommy 'n' Daddy

The Kills
Night Train
Midnight Boom (UK) Release

Black Mountain
Modern Music
Black Mountain

Andre Williams
Can You Deal With It?
Can You Deal With It?

Muddy Waters
The Blues Had A Baby and The Named it Rock and Roll
King of the Electric Blues

R.L. Burnside
Shake, Little Baby
Sound Machine Groove

Seasick Steve
I Started Out With Nothing and I Still Got Most of it Left

Boogaloosa Prayer

Soledad Brothers
Rock Me Slow
Soledad Brothers

Eagles of Death Metal
Flames Go Higher
Peace Love Death Metal

Black-Eyed Snakes
Hillside Stomp
Rise Up

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Come on Down to My House

The Undertones
Teenage Kicks
The Best of...

the Von Bondies
Shallow Grave
Lack of Communication

Two Gallants
Fail Hard to Regain
The Throes

the MC5
Kick out the Jams
Kick Out the Jams

Rock 'n' Roll Radio Resurrection!

And so said Bon Scott and Angus Young of AC/DC, "...Let there be sound! and there was sound. Let there be light! and there was light. Let there be Drums! and there were drums. Let there be GUITAR! there was guitar. OOOOHHH LET THERE BE ROCK!" And there was indeed MUCH rock.

And then someone different said, "Let's give Banjo a radio show, 'cause he knows how to Rock some motherfuckers too!" And rocking commenced once more.

Did you say...?
Did I hear...?"

Yes! You heard correct, true believer! Now every Monday from 2pm to 4pm PST you can log-on to PRARADIO.ORG!, download the little 'MP3 stream' thingy located at the bottom of their rudimentary webpage, and listen to 'The Gospel According to Banjo' live, via the modern marvel that is internet radio! Adjust your clocks accordingly if you live in the US and outside the Portland time zone...same goes for all you people 'living' outside the USA in places that may or may not Italy or Afghanistan or minuscule islands off the coast of South Korea with lots of funny letters in the name...

So dear hearts, if you're at home stalking around on myspace/facebook, or telling the goldfish your deepest, darkest, Battlestar Galactica Live Action Role Play sex secrets, or at work trying not to murder your coworkers or customers for not respecting you as a 'real live artist goddamnit', or doing 180's in the rental car whilst pounding a forty of colt 45, or chillin' in the park with that special someone/thing, or if you're simply tired of all the pussy, whiny, diet, sleepy excuses for rad rock n roll on regular radio then come on down to 'The Gospel According to Banjo' and rejoice by settin' your soul on fire with Portland's newest and most questionable DJ.
It's time, friends.
The era of hip shakin', ass wigglin', foot stompin', fist pumpin', back porch style gettin' down boogiemutherfuckinwoogie is here!
We gonna groove!
We gonna GROOVE!
We gonna love, love, love...till the break of dusk!
So come on you Rock n Roll philistines and join Banjo in a most awesome display of sounds and noise and get ready to be delivered UP like a rocketship bound for the Sun...or that bad Chinese food you ate last night and then topped off with a fifth of Jack!

Your soul demands it...

Podcasts will be available soon for all those that can't be turned on in real time...

Hot Comics!

New printings of Darnell! These sweet little bastards are so hot off the presses you can see the toner steaming! AWESOME! Now with NEW cover colors! So if you missed out the first time around, now is your big fucking chance...

More printings of Tape Song. A real humdinger of a comic. A 24 HOUR comic to be exact! This thing is so fucking rad/weird that it'll make your face explode...or confuse the piss out of ya...either way, it's a neat time! For more info on 24 hour comics and stuff, see the specific post below about this thing...

As always these boner-inducing funny books will come packaged in colorful/artsy/craftsy/eye-catching little envelopes that will surely make the mailman jealous and/or angry when you order by mail. Shipping included of course. Get 'em now! They also make fantastic gifts...for X-Mas, Kwanzaa, that one the Jew's celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, awkward circumstances: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you a sloppy cunt, here's a cool comic," or "I didn't see the cat, he musta just jumped under the wheel, have a comic instead," and certainly "If you disconnect my nuts from that car battery I'll give you a Banjo comic"...really, they're good for any occasion...

A Gift from Above...

Banjo has this wacky-ass cousin that lives due North of Portland. He recently captured Banjo for a road trip to San Francisco, Banjo's old stomping grounds, where much turkey, gin, uber-posh and trendy broads, and familial love was consumed in mass quantities. Before the road trip commenced Banjo was given a gift. A gift of awesome proportions. Hand-made by said cousin. It looks something like this...

Highly recommended. If you pay him lots and lots of money or sex or candy or something you might be able to get one too. Either way, you should bother him here!