Rock n Roll Radio Broadcast 160 - Best of 2012

To be had here: Gospel 160

There was an issue involving the recording of this show so we have uploaded just the playlist. Once you unzip the file, throw the whole folder into iTunes. Under the 'file' drop down menu in iTunes, go to 'library' and then 'import playlist.' Find the 'Gospel 160' folder, wherever you have it saved, and choose the file in that folder marked 'Gospel 160 - End of Year.xml' and iTunes will create a playlist with the correct play order. This sounds complicated, but really it's not. You're all smart enough we trust.
Since there's no chitter chatter from Banjo in this playlist, the awards are as follows:
Artist of the Year: Ty Segall
EP of the Year: Allah - Las "Tell Me (What's on Your Mind)"
Album of the Year: Tame Impala "Lonerism"
All random songs are some of our favorites from 2012, it was too hard to choose just one!